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Shopping for Fabric Again

Where do you shop?  Where are the good deals on fabric?  Luckily I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area which means that I have a lot of different options.

Here’s my latest find

I’ve gone to a lot of different stores, but keeping going back to the same store when I’m buying in bulk…  Joann fabrics.  Don’t get me wrong, I always support my local quilt shops and buy a lot of fabric from them, but pinching pennies is really important also and when I’m buying Kona Solids I like to get them for a great price.  My favorite buy was 9 yards of the Kona Solids for only $2.80 a yard…. that was a good day.

What constitutes a good deal for you?

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2 thoughts on “Shopping for Fabric Again

  1. You need one other choice on your poll…all of the above! I think most of us shop at many different shops. I try to shop at my local quilt shop but they don’t have a large selection of the fabrics I like. So I shop at a not so local quilt shop a couple of hours away. I buy fabric online often. But Kona cotton is Kona cotton and absolutely I’ll buy that at Joann’s. I also buy a lot of backing fabric at Joann’s. Let’s face it…most of us will buy fabric anywhere…any time! 🙂

  2. I have yet to buy fabric online, there something about being able to touch the fabric that drives me into the retail stores. You ARE right… all the above should have been included though. I spend a lot of time at three different Joann’s stores, but really liked going to Hancocks while I was out in Seattle visiting. They were having a quilting class in the back room while I was there and it just seemed like such a nice store. It helped that their fabric selection was great also.

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