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Persian Plum Block 1

Persian Plum 


Block 1 Roundup

The first block in the set… With great anticipation I pulled the fabric from the package and my heart skipped a beat. There in my hands was a miss-cut piece of a triangle, and I couldn’t believe that right out of the gate I would be disappointed. As I continued to examine the pieces supplied however, my disappointment turned to excitement as I realized that it was extra!! There were already four PERFECT triangles to use and I can only assume that someone decided to include it in the kit rather than wasting a perfectly good piece of scrap!!

The other two comments are about the color and density of the fabric they choose. This is NOT cheap fabric and no matter how many pictures I post, they would never do the fabric justice. It is thick without being too thick and got me thinking about how heavy and wonderfully durable this quilt is going to be when complete. The color of the fabric has such depth and complexity as I mentioned in an earlier post, but doesn’t compare to actually holding it outside of the package. Only one word describes it… “WOW”

Below are the pictures of assembling Block 1 from the Persian Plum Block of the Month from Joann Fabrics… Let me know what you think.


Here are the triangles that came with the kit


Sewing the smaller triangles together


All the triangles joined together


Here is the finished block…


Block 1 Compared to the package!! Not bad right?

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