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On Coffee, Rain, and Spring

Four days of work left until my week off and I’m eagerly anticipating the projects I’ll be working on.  It’s very late in the Central time zone as I write this and all I can think about right now is having a delicious cup of coffee and working the binding for a quilt while listening to the storm rage around me outside.  It’s at times like these when I know I should be asleep to rest up for the day ahead, that I enjoy life the most.

I’m not a caffeine addict, but thoroughly enjoy a great cup of coffee while I’m working or just relaxing.  At 10PM however, I know that my sleep will be affected.  But tonight… the rain is coming down in sheets, my beautiful wife is working on a new quilt, and I can understand that the rain is telling me that spring is nearing its end.  I pause to enjoy some of life’s most beautiful moments and as midnight rolls around know that some of the happiest times for my me were while drinking coffee with our children out in the rain as it poured down in the spring here in Texas.

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