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Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block of the Month

Time to review Joann’s newest Block of the Month, “Persian Plum”. This to me is one of their most striking quilts to date. Plum is the theme throughout this quilt and the visually stunning blocks are at once delicate in color and design and yet seamlessly placed throughout the quilt which when finished measures roughly 82” x 99”.

Each of the 12 blocks carries a different design like; Double Sawtooth Star, Dutchman’s Puzzle, etc. If you’re of a mind to learn some of these different squares, then this BOTM Quilt is for you. I will be starting the quilt this month and posting each block as I finish it. Here’s a preview of some of the colors.


Here is the front of the package.  You can see all the different types of blocks used here!!


This is the color pallet used for the quilt.


I really love the patterns and colors in this kit and hope I can keep myself from trying to piece this together before the year is out!!  But the anticipation is killing me…  I want to see the finished quilt already.  Let me know what you think, should I do this as a monthly block, or throw caution to the wind and finish it this Summer?

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24 thoughts on “Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block of the Month

  1. Lynn Hebert on said:

    Does anyone know what happened to this pattern. I bought block 1 and 2 and all of a sudden there are none left either in the store or online.

  2. Yvonne Guptill on said:

    Wondering the same thing. Our church quilt group was going to make this quilt. We got some of the blocks, but I went online to find the setting kit and it is no longer available! Help!

  3. This pattern was very popular and sold out very quickly. I talked to Joann’s customer server department and they are completely out of all blocks and the setting kit. Our local stores here in Texas still have a few blocks and may have a setting kit available. Just let me know what you are in need of and I may be able to help.

    • Lena Hewitt on said:

      I really need the Persian Plum Purple Geometric fabric. One fat quarter would be great, or any amount anyone may have. I need it to complete the border. FYI, I was able to get all of the patterns from the number on the back of the patterns. They sent them to me for free, finding the fabric was the trick, and I am short only for the Purple Geometric.

    • Sylva Ward on said:

      I am looking for binding and lining fabric. I got the rest before it sold out on line.

    • I really need the sitting kit for passion plum.or the kits 3 and 4,5,11
      and block 9 and 8′. please call me or email me. 208 847-0821 that number is for my
      mother, she’s the one that needs the quilt blocks. I am her

  4. I’m late to the game but just found this at my Joann’s today! Anyone know where I can purchase the setting kit have family in PA, MO, IL, AL, OH and CA.

  5. does anyone have the instructions for enlarging the persian plum quilt top to queen size?

    • Beth Kuhlman on said:

      I have all of the blocks except for the setting kit. I would love to find the setting kit to finish this quilt. Please let me know IF I can find this anywhere..

  6. If you call the numbers listed in the quilt you can ask for the directions to the setting quilt. Then you search for the fabrics, many are available in bolts in the stores mixed in with the keepsake Caicos. Good luck! I spent Black Friday this year searching in NY state, small town JoAnna stores still had the fabrics.

  7. HELP I have all the blocks but #11 if anyone knows where to get it please let me know!!

  8. Brian Medsker on said:

    I just saw this, but I’m looking for the Setting Kit. I have all the quilt blocks. Does anyone know where I can get one at? I live in Richmond, VA

  9. Mary on said:

    Really late jumping in on this,but found the Persian Plum blocks #1,4,6,and 9 in my stash. I would love to purchase the remaining blocks. Does anybody have some they’d like to sell or know of where I might look for them? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    • The only place that I’ve seen these is on eBay since they’re over a year old.

    • Ros Limbrick on said:

      I thought I had the 12 squares and today I put it together to find square 4 is missing. If you didn’t find the rest of the blocks I would be happy to buy block 4 from you or if you did find them could tell me where, that would be great. I also need the sewing kit to put it all together.

      • Linda Van Amersfort on said:

        Ros, I am in the same boat! Trying to put together this quilt (finally) and discover I am missing Blocks 10 & 11. I’ve tried looking on Craigslist, eBay, and Joann’s website with no luck. If anyone knows where I might find these missing blocks I would love to hear from you. Or, if someone wants to sell Blocks 10 & 11 I would be interested in purchasing them.

  10. Vicki Barry on said:

    I am in Australia and have made all the Persian Plum blocks, then opened the setting kit to find the cream tone on tone squares are missing, there are 64 of them. (I bought all the blocks, setting kit and binding back in 2012) I don’t know where to find the fabric for the squares to finish my quilt. Any ideas???

  11. Michelle Knopp on said:

    I have been doing this quilt a little at a time. I need either Block 12 or the lighter plum fabric in a fat quarter (the longer triangles)..I actually cut it wrong. Ugh…If not then I can replace it with a close tonal plum or do it with a similar light blue that is in the quilt but would love a fat quarter of it.

  12. Linda Jaenke on said:

    Just wondering if the setting block for Persian Plum BOM is still available I have blocks no 1/12 but not the setting one thanks

  13. Bonnie Rose on said:

    Has anybody got the whole thing as I will buy…

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