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Using my Viking Sapphire 835

I’ve recently purchased an amazing sewing machine. I started out with a Brilliance 6180 Singer sewing machine which I still love for a lot of different reasons and if there’s enough interest later on I’ll give a review of it. For now I want to talk about the new sewing machine in my life, the Viking Sapphire 835.

This machine was obviously made for large amounts of work. I have to say that like a lot of other people that I talked to spending over $1000 for a sewing machine was an enormous leap from the $200 I paid for my Singer. I went to several different stores and once I located a Joann’s that I wanted to make the purchase at, I had to have visited it on six different occasions before finally making the purchase.

To say that I had a long learning curve with this machine would be an understatement… I stopped sewing for two days at one point because I couldn’t figure out how to set up the stitch I wanted. The NOISE!!! How can I describe the feeling and joy of being able to hear while sewing? There are too many favorites to say that one function is better than another, but being able to hear is definitely in the top five. What other improvements do I love? I’m sure we’ve all been sewing and then have reached a seam or two that changes the thickness that we’re sewing through… Sewing with the Sapphire you won’t miss a beat, or have your seam move. The machine effortlessly glides over whatever thickness of fabric you happen to be sewing through. That alone has turned out to be worth the cost.


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4 thoughts on “Using my Viking Sapphire 835

  1. Wow. It must awesome sewing machine!

    • I can only compare it to two other sewing machines that I’ve used, but it is so wonderfully to use, but complicated to figure out. It’s worth it to me, as it sews anything I’ve thrown at it with ease.
      Thanks for the comment!!

  2. Oh! I have this on layaway with only a few hundred more to go! I went in for a Janome, but for the money thought this is better. Any other likes, dislikes, caveats, warnings, or other? I’m anxious as I rarely make a purchase w/o researching before hand, and I only really looked at Janome before. Thanks!

  3. I just happened to be on when you comment came through! haha I’ve now had this machine for four months and looking back on it, can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner. I researched everything before deciding and I can tell you I absolutely will not buy anything but a viking now. The Sapphire 835 is fantastic.

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