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A lot of Spam and a finished quilt

What a busy weekend!  I completed a lot of work for my company… and for my own company.  I knew that would sound a little weird!  What I mean is that I had to “work from home” most of the weekend, but that I also completed a lot of work for BistroQuilts as well.  As the busiest weekend that I’ve yet had, I really didn’t have a chance to post up anything that I accomplished.

The purple quilt that is now completed for my daughter Amanda is simple but very beautiful.  I’ve taken pictures, but they are slightly wonky and don’t show how nice it really is.  I have to send it off to the long arm now, but will have it back and bound by the time her birthday rolls around.  Here are the pics, even though I’m not too happy with the how the pictures turned out.

I also finished two of the persian plum blocks that I’ll be posting up tomorrow and then later this week with the accompanying reviews.  I cut out the fabric for the additional 10 blocks needed to finish the blue pinwheel quilt as well.  Those blue pinwheel blocks I’ll be starting to sew together tonight and should be able to finish that quilt this weekend and start on the Christmas quilt that I’m dying to make.

In other news, Kay is finishing her version of the purple explosion quilt.  I really can’t remember if I’ve mentioned, that is the name we’re using for the purple quilts… Purple Explosion!  When I talked to my daughter and told her what we were doing, I explained that we used almost 20 different variations of the color purple and we both loved it so much, we knew that we needed to make one to be able to keep at home.

When I finally got to my computer to post this up, I was astounded at how much spam had been sent to my site and caught in the spam filter… I guess some people had a little more time on their hands than I did.

No Work… and more Olympics!!

Last night after getting home a little late from work I just couldn’t muster up any energy to spend time on my projects.  I keep telling myself that all this work I’m doing for my company will not make me this busy forever…  I had a lot of projects that are coming to a close and this will be the third weekend in a row that I’ll be doing some work from home.

It hasn’t stopped me from starting new projects, but as I’ve said earlier it’s as though I’m sloughing through mud trying to get them done (or some other simile).  This presents me with two entirely different issues.  First because I’m working Saturday night and into Sunday morning, my energy levels will be a little on the low side.  Second, all this starting and stopping work makes it more difficult for me to give the needed focus to my projects.  I certainly don’t want to end up with blue pinwheels in the purple quilts!  All this stopping also make it hard for me not to get distracted and difficulty starting at all!

One of the silver linings to all this is that I’m able to see an inordinate amount of the Olympic games.  As distractions go… it’s not a bad thing to have to spend you time doing while trying to relax.  I love almost everything about the Olympics and find that like most people I know, I don’t just cheer for my country’s athletes… unless it’s volleyball, go Misty May and Kerri Walsh!!!

This is the last week of my really difficult schedule, I will persevere though, I want to finish the blue pinwheel quilt even if it does take me all weekend long due to interruptions.  I hope everyone’s upcoming weekend is a good one and as always, happy quilting.

Quilt for my niece’s daughter Teagan

The quilt arrived for Jayden who is yet to be born, but that didn’t stop my niece from enjoying it until then.  Of course her sister is just as precious to me as she is and I had already bought the fabric to complete her daughters quilt, all I need now is the time.

Here is a look at the material I’ll be using for Teagan’s quilt.

I can hardly wait to get started on her quilt.  I’ll be quilting this down myself and of course using a satin binding to finish it off.  If only I had enough time to do everything I wanted to do…

The weekend that got away from me… complete with pictures!

Can you imagine trying to get FOUR quilts done in one weekend?  That’s what my wife and I attempted to accomplish… and failed miserably.

We started trying to do the two blue pinwheel quilts, but as I said in a previous post… shopping comes first!  So, after work on Friday we made a special trip into Fort Worth that has the largest selection available.  I wanted to be able to get some early Christmas fabric as soon as I could and this is what I found:

Back to the story though, Saturday morning came and I had a leisurely breakfast followed by an unbelievably long problem at work that needed to be taken care of.  Fast forward to 1pm on Saturday when I finally had the time to “Start” the pinwheels.  I was feeling confident that I could still manage to make three of the quilts at that point.

Sunday morning came and we started to get the ball rolling early.  We were making good time until a comment from me stopped play again…  have you ever heard of a couple fighting over seam allowances and construction techniques?  We don’t argue that often, but this seemed to be the weekend for everything to go askew so why not?

As you can see, we made up, but that caused another four-hour stoppage!  Then as we’re setting the blocks together, you might have already guessed… they did not line up the way they were supposed to.  Blame it on Karma or a cosmic joke, but no matter what we did they were off here and there.  It was 6pm on Sunday night at this point and we were about to call it quits without having completed even one quilt.

They panels were done however and we just needed to sew them together.  Of course they didn’t line up.  We tried to figure out what to do with them and in the end came up with an idea that we’ll try later this week and I’ll post pictures of.  In the mean time, here are the panels together.

At 7pm on Sunday night we decided to start work on the purple.  It requires almost 150 squares, we did not finish cutting both sets of it out.  Here are some  pics of the material and the blocks that were finished.

How much do YOU charge?

I was reading an article on selling your quilts and although that is something that I’ve done before, I find that letting go of something made is a lot easier said than done.  What do I charge for something that I’ve spent time and effort on?  I’ve talked to a lot of people about this and there are hundreds of sites out there that go over the topic.  The best I’ve been able to glean is to charge .05 an inch.  I did the math and on the surface that sounds reasonable if you are quilting it down yourself.  If another person is involved quilting it however, most of the money you make will go to the quilter and the fabric shop.

After thinking about this for quite some time, I’m not sure that I will sell any of the quilts I make at least not at .05 an inch.  I do not quilt them myself… yet!  The wonderful quilters I’m able to use don’t do a simple meander, they quilt in designs that are rich and dense and take the fabric from being a blanket, to a quilt that will last several lifetimes if cared for properly.  I like to think of them as more than something to keep you warm, they ARE works of art or more correctly, usable works of art.

To give you an idea of size and cost here’s a quick look:

Crib Twin Queen King
36” x 54” 65” x 88” 86” x 93” 104” x 93”
1944 square inches 5720 square inches 7998 square inches 9672 square inches
$97 at .05 per inch $286 $400 $485
Quilter Quilter Quilter Quilter
$40 $150 $200 $275
Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric
$20 $50 $80 $100
For your labor…  $37 For your labor… $86 For your labor… $120 For your labor… $115

These are just some figures that I’ve encountered.  I think this is why I would have a difficult time letting any of my quilts go for sale, or at least not at the .05 per inch amount.

Blue Breeze Pinwheel Quilt

So this is two of the quilts we’re going to be making and like I posted, it’s from the McCall’s Fast Quilts magazine.  Fabrics similar to these are available just about anywhere.  If you end up making this one or have made it, share how it turned out!!  I was able to get fabric almost identical and will post it up on Saturday.

Skill Level BEGINNER

Finished Size 59˝ x 75˝

Featured Fabrics

Ann used assorted fabrics from her stash to make this quilt.

This quilt is fully patterned in the McCall’s Quilting America Makes Fast Quilts special issue.

Two quilters, One weekend, and Four Quilts

That’s what we’re attempting this weekend!!  Two quilters, one weekend, and four quilts… It will be fantastic if our schedules allow us to pull it off.  Trying to get some of these other projects out the door lately has been like trying to run through mud…  I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been struggling to stay on task and get everything done that needs to be done.

I heard a line from a movie that went something like “all forward motion counts”.  That is what I am sticking with for now. I may not be happy with what I’m doing, or the time I’m taking to do it but believe it is important that I’m accomplishing what needs to be done to get to what I really want to be working on.  This is not to say that I do not enjoy these other tasks.

Two of the quilts we’ll be making are pinwheel quilts that we found in the soon to be replaced issue of the magazine “Fast Quilts”.  The other two quilts are VERY basic and I’ll provide the information for those quilts after the weekend.  Basically, the second two are big squares and smaller squares and we’re calling the quilts “Purple Explosions”.  It should be fun and very quick to make.

I’m late… blame the Olympics

Okay, so I’m late with getting my post up but who can blame me?  I come from the generation that thinks the Olympic Games and still important and relevant.  Saying that I was also very busy with the quilting that I wanted to get completed.  I finished the quilt for my almost born nephew Jayden, completed the top for the quilt that I’ve decided to title “Land of Whimsy”, and started the blue pinwheel quilt that luckily enough Kay has agreed to do with me.

See, I have only been slacking with posting up!!  Have a wonderful week full of games and quilting everybody.

And the winnner is….

And the winner is…

ADaisyGarden!!!  If this is you, then you are the lucky winner of the Persian Plum Setting kit give-a-way!!  Please email me at for prize information.


And for the rest of you, I’ll be having another giveaway on 8/18/12.  Stay tuned and as always keep quilting!!

When do bits of fabric become a quilt?

Someone at my work asked about the quilts that I make and made the mistake of asking me to bring one of them in.  I do still get some ribbing from the guys that I work with for being as passionate about quilting as I am.  I take it in stride though, and sometimes it still does get to me.  Luckily my passion outweighs any reservations I have about spending my time with this wonderful art form.

Waking up early, I prepared for my day… made coffee, packed my lunch and, oh yeah… remembered to take my perfectly folded quilt with me to show off at work.  It was a little of a let-down when I found out that the person I was supposed to show the quilt to was off-site all day due to some issues that he had to deal with.  On second thought though, this would give me a reason to take it back with me the next day.

As I was walking back to the car I realized that what I had under my arm was no longer bits of thread and fabric.  I could feel the weight of it and even the feel of it had changed from when I was sewing the fabric together.  As I took the quilt home I wondered what it would feel like when I finally washed it.  This wasn’t the most complicated pattern and if you’ve followed my posts at all, you’ll know that it is one of five that I made in nine days.  It has become mine though, unlike any of the other quilts that I’ve made and that’s saying a lot.  I want to say a special thanks to Linda my quilter, the person who did such a wonderful job quilting these bits of fabric into such a resplendent quilt.

While talking to my daughter Samantha who I’ve convinced to pick up this passion, I mentioned that I hadn’t come up with a name for my quilt yet.  She reminded me of a time when she was only six years old and had come home to find a doll that I had bought for her.  The doll was made out of fabric and dressed in blue and white pajamas, had yellow yarn for hair, and big blue eyes.  You should have seen her face when she saw the doll, she said “she looks like me!”  I told her that the doll’s name was Sally from a bedtime story that my father had told to me.  This quilt, my daughter told me is like the doll you gave me and should be called the ‘Sally doll quilt’.

Yes… it’s the middle of summer but as I sit here writing this and it’s still over 95 degrees, I am wrapped up in my quilt and still I wonder… when did these bits of fabric become a quilt?  The minute it made the connection to my heart through my memories.  It will always and forever remind me of that day of happiness with my daughter.

Sally Doll and her Sally Doll Quilt

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