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Quilt for my niece’s daughter Teagan

The quilt arrived for Jayden who is yet to be born, but that didn’t stop my niece from enjoying it until then.  Of course her sister is just as precious to me as she is and I had already bought the fabric to complete her daughters quilt, all I need now is the time.

Here is a look at the material I’ll be using for Teagan’s quilt.

I can hardly wait to get started on her quilt.  I’ll be quilting this down myself and of course using a satin binding to finish it off.  If only I had enough time to do everything I wanted to do…

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7 thoughts on “Quilt for my niece’s daughter Teagan

  1. Nice bright colors! What pattern will you use?

    • It’s another panel, so it will look a lot like the previous one for Jayden. I didn’t want one of my nieces feeling like a made the others more special than theirs.

  2. Jennie on said:

    LOVE the fabric!

  3. julia christine stephen on said:

    I agree, great fabric choices. 🙂

  4. Looks like it’ll be a fun project!

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