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No Work… and more Olympics!!

Last night after getting home a little late from work I just couldn’t muster up any energy to spend time on my projects.  I keep telling myself that all this work I’m doing for my company will not make me this busy forever…  I had a lot of projects that are coming to a close and this will be the third weekend in a row that I’ll be doing some work from home.

It hasn’t stopped me from starting new projects, but as I’ve said earlier it’s as though I’m sloughing through mud trying to get them done (or some other simile).  This presents me with two entirely different issues.  First because I’m working Saturday night and into Sunday morning, my energy levels will be a little on the low side.  Second, all this starting and stopping work makes it more difficult for me to give the needed focus to my projects.  I certainly don’t want to end up with blue pinwheels in the purple quilts!  All this stopping also make it hard for me not to get distracted and difficulty starting at all!

One of the silver linings to all this is that I’m able to see an inordinate amount of the Olympic games.  As distractions go… it’s not a bad thing to have to spend you time doing while trying to relax.  I love almost everything about the Olympics and find that like most people I know, I don’t just cheer for my country’s athletes… unless it’s volleyball, go Misty May and Kerri Walsh!!!

This is the last week of my really difficult schedule, I will persevere though, I want to finish the blue pinwheel quilt even if it does take me all weekend long due to interruptions.  I hope everyone’s upcoming weekend is a good one and as always, happy quilting.

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