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Blue Breeze Pinwheel Quilt

So this is two of the quilts we’re going to be making and like I posted, it’s from the McCall’s Fast Quilts magazine.  Fabrics similar to these are available just about anywhere.  If you end up making this one or have made it, share how it turned out!!  I was able to get fabric almost identical and will post it up on Saturday.

Skill Level BEGINNER

Finished Size 59˝ x 75˝

Featured Fabrics

Ann used assorted fabrics from her stash to make this quilt.

This quilt is fully patterned in the McCall’s Quilting America Makes Fast Quilts special issue.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Breeze Pinwheel Quilt

  1. Oooo!!! That’s pretty! Can’t wait to see yours. So, that’s not the purple quilt you talked about making?

  2. It’s something fun that we do when we want to get them completed. I believe two of the four are going to charities and need to be completed by the end of the month of August.
    We crank up the music and rock around the house although this weekend, we’ll be cheering on the athletes as we watch track and field for the Olympics. We still take our time, we just stay focused on quilting, order in, and have a blast!!

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