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Jelly Rolls and Persian Plum Block 4

At lunch I slipped out to buy something from the fabric store, not out of need but there are a lot of sales going  on and I just had to.  After almost an hour of trying to decide between fabrics I ran across some jelly rolls.  I used my last one that I received for Christmas for a quilt that my son absconded with recently.  As I have no other jelly rolls at hand, I wanted to get some should the mood strike me.  Let’s be honest, can you really ever have enough fabric?

On to Block 4 of the Persian Plum BOTM

So now onto the new block.  This was definitely one of the easiest I had the pleasure of putting together!  And the colors as usual were stunning and magnificent.  If you were looking for a beautiful block this one turned out rather well.  There is some cutting involved, so be aware.

And the finished piece!!  Block 4 of 12, hey that’s means we’re already 1/3 the way there.

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7 thoughts on “Jelly Rolls and Persian Plum Block 4

  1. Beautiful!!!! Cannot wait to make this one. Actually, just “found” you and would like to do them all. Help?

  2. Absolutely!! I’m always available to help. I’m going through a block a week and then probably two weeks to finish setting the top before it gets quilted down. Ask me anything you’d like on here or at

  3. Because I live in the “hinterlands” are these blocks 12″?

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