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Binding the weekend away

A friend of ours that’s been there for us throughout the last three years is going to receive a quilt on Monday that she knows nothing about.    This will be the first time we’ve given a quilt to someone outside our immediate family.  This means though that I’ll be binding all weekend since I plan on finishing the binding on a Christmas quilt that was put together in March.  After that quilt is finished, I’ll bind our friends quilt and finally the Arbor Lane quilt.  Not bad now that I see it in print… binding three quilts in two days!

If you are interested in the how to of binding, check out this link Crazy Mom Quilts.  This is more or less the method that I’ve used since I started up quilting again two years ago.

If I can squeeze it into the weekend, I’ll also finish the mini quilt that I started and maybe piece one of the nursery blankets together for my nephew.

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