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Out to Lunch

I’ve mentioned it in an earlier post, I do quilt swaps of mini quilts with a group on Yahoo.  For the past two days I’ve been working on mine but can’t publish it here until after the swap is complete to ensure anonymity.  Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I had only to finish the second half and started in on it immediately.  As I compared the two halves of this really neat quilt top I realized that something was dreadfully wrong.  One side was easily four inches longer than the other.

A little perplexed, I examined both very closely and figured out almost immediately that somehow one was sewn with a 1/4″ seam while the other a more generous 3/8″ seam.  The rest of last night was spent picking the “good” one apart.  Yes, I said it…  I’m shortening the long one by resewing with a 3/8″ seam because it will have more of the look that I was going for in the finished mini.

This leads me to remember my lunchtime conversation with my coworkers on Monday.  I work with a bunch of IT techies with talk ranging from what is the latest in sever hardware innovation, to which character do you play (Sith or Jedi)…  Occasionally we talk at lunch about our families, houses, activities, and other stuff that I guess bonds us as a group.

At one point during lunch (did I mention one of our permier vendors was also there?) the table had quieted down a bit and my best friend turned and asked me what I’d done with my nine days off.  Seven people turned to me for my answer as I (shamefully) admitted that I’d spend the entire time quilting.  The table remained silent when my friend spoke a little louder, I’m not sure if he was goading me or not, but asked me again and I said a little stronger that I’d spent the entire time piecing five quilts together.

To be honest, I felt worse that I didn’t say it proudly the first time… it came out as more of a squeak and that’s not my style.  I am proud of how I finished though.  One of the others who were at the table admitted afterwards that they get together with needle and thread on occasion as well.  I apologize to anyone reading this for not standing up to the opinion of others and can only say that I must have just been… out to lunch!

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