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Persian Plum Block 2

This is the second block in the series for Joann Fabrics Block of the Month “Persian Plum”. This block was a little more technical and has you sewing triangles together prior to joining the halves to form a square.

While not impossible to get the tips perfectly lined up, I would suggest pinning for best effect.

At the end of the first round of sewing you should end up with eight half squares.

Joining these together forms your four multicolored squares.

The finished square is well designed and I’ll say once again a beautiful set of colors. Look me up in another week where I’ll be putting block three together.


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7 thoughts on “Persian Plum Block 2

  1. amanda on said:

    I hope I get to see this quilt in person… So who has more done on their quilt you or Kay? You guys are so gifted.. I love reading your stuff..

    • I’m doing about a block a week, and Kay is doing three at a time. She’s currently doing block 4 in preparation for writing about the next set of three. She’s so darned gifted too, she always takes the harder to make ones!!

      • amanda on said:

        So she sees it as a challenge! I will most likely need you guys help on my quilt.. My hubby wants one to fit our bed.. but the only problem is the quilt pattern is smaller than I like.. do you have any suggestions?

  2. I have and do change quilt dimensions at times, by adding another row and column. Being ambitious with your first quilt however might keep you from staying with it in the long run. I much prefer to use a pattern as designed when you’re new to quilting. If you want a larger quilt, find a quilt that has a pattern that meets that need.

  3. Lynn Hebert on said:

    I bought blocks 1 & 2 and now they have disappeared from the stores and online. Does anyone know what happened?

  4. Our local store still has some of these left, and your local store should be able to check stock of the stores close to you. I spoke with Joann Fabric’s customer service department and they said that they only receive a limited number of blocks and when they’re gone, they’re gone. She suggested that people buy all 12 when possible. If you need help locating the ones that you still need, just let me know which blocks you’re missing. As you probably already know these are beautiful and well worth having.

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