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Under the Weather/Radar

ImageImageImageI spent most of the weekend working on the Schoolhouse quilt and getting it almost finished, but Sunday I turned my attention back to the Sampler Quilt my wife and I are working on together.  I finished the last two blocks and then sewed the panels together.  Even though I did a lot of work, I kind of felt out of sorts Sunday and here it is Monday and I’m definitely feeling under the weather.

Today will be spent relaxing and taking it easy, though I might try to finish the binding on the Christmas quilt that I spent so much time hand quilting.  That project took so long and it is time to have that completed.  When you feel under the weather, do you continue to do projects or just try and relax?











On another note, my daughter finished sewing her blocks together and will finish sewing the panels together this morning.  Let her know what you think…  This is going to be her very first quilt, she chose the pattern, fabrics, and colors all by herself.


My children are thieves

My third quilt to go missing is now in Maryland with my son who is in the Air Force. He was on his way to his new base and was visiting us for a week in between bases. I was in the process of putting together a Jelly Roll quilt from the fabric that my wife and daughter had bought me for Christmas.

And speaking of, when I pulled out the Jelly Roll from its wrapping it took me a while to realize what it was. It’s not like I haven’t seen one before, I had just never envisioned using one for a quilt. What’s a guy to do when you’re given something that you don’t know what to do with? I very politely said thanks, and put it away for a while in my fabric bin.

A couple of months later while I was looking to buy some quilt books (I have said before that I have a problem buying too many right?) I came across a dozen or so books on making Jelly Roll quilts. Naturally i bought a few and even purchased some magazines on the topic at a local fabric store.

The quilts featured in these publications certainly looked fun to make and something that I could maybe finish in a weekend. I was happy with how the quilt top turned out and sent it off to my wonderful Long Arm quilter. When I picked the quilt up after it was finished it had been transformed from a good quilt into a work of art.

It was at this point in the story that our son arrived. Like any good child who shows up just as the meal is being set to the table, or when the last nail is being driven home on a project, he shows up just as I’m putting the binding on my first Jelly Roll quilt. I have to say that the colors where more to his liking than some of the previous quilts that I had made, more… manly.  Over the course of the week he made it clear how much he wanted it and in the end, I had to give in.


Have you ever had your crafts find another home though you didn’t plan on it?

The Schoolhouse blocks are finished!!

I’ve said before that I work in IT (Information Technology), what that basically means is I sit at a desk and am on the computer a LOT… So yesterday, I was thinking about getting home from work and being able to do more work on the Schoolhouse quilt. One of my commitments however, is to get to the gym at least 3 times a week because, let’s be honest… I am NOT getting enough exercise at work! Some weeks I make it to the gym three times and sometimes just once.

Even though I’m practically desperate to finish those Schoolhouse blocks, I knew it was time for me to get myself to the gym. When I arrived home from work, I had about 30 minutes until my wife would get home as well and change into my workout outfit so we could go to the gym. I quickly changed and then started sewing!! I imagine it was a funny sight when my wife saw her husband in shorts and running shoes on my Viking Sapphire furiously trying to get a little bit more sewing completed before we left. She did laugh by the way.

By the time we arrived back at the house, it was 7:30pm and we had a very nice dinner that we brought home. After dinner I proceeded to spend the next 2 ½ hours getting my blocks put together, ironed, and trimmed. I’m very happy with how they turned out and when I looked at the clock and saw that it was past 10pm I knew that I’d accomplished everything I had wanted. I know the blocks are not perfect, I haven’t quite got the ¼” seam down as much as I’d like to think, but I’m proud nonetheless at how well this quilt is coming together. I still have to sew the sashing on to bring the blocks together and then put on the border. What color should I use for the backing??? I still haven’t decided and would really like some input.

Tonight and tomorrow, I’ll be working on the sampler quilt with my wife to finish the last two blocks and start sewing that quilt top together. I’ll post photos of that tomorrow. I will finish the Schoolhouse quilt top this weekend and hopefully come up with an idea of what to do to the backing by then as well.

School House Quilt

Its been a long time in the making but when it’s important, a person makes time.

For the past four months, I have been wanted to make an Amish inspired Schoolhouse quilt that I saw in a book.  I’ve almost been obsessed with making this quilt!  I AM a quilt book junkie, but that is a story for another time.  We were right in the middle of our inspired and unplanned quilt sampler and one of the blocks I made for it was a Schoolhouse block.  The next thing my wife knew, I was pulling out my purple and black fabrics to start cutting out the pieces for my schoolhouse quilt.

At times I have to work very odd hours, it’s not too often but yesterday I was up working at 3:30am.  I work in the IT field and there are a lot of long pauses between when I have to do something.  Yesterday morning was no exception, what was the exception was that I continued to cut pieces for my new quilt in between doing what I needed to.  By the time 7am rolled around, I had finished all of the paper piecing and the cut out all of the purple pieces.

Later on that day I was able to start the sewing (and Ironing) process that would bring order to the mess of strips I had positioned all over the front room…  my wife, still working on our sampler quilt was in the midst of her last two and most difficult blocks.  She was really wonderful about me going off the reservation for the day however and only asked one time if I was going to resume my work on the sampler quilt sometime this week.  I have promised her that I will but want to get the Schoolhouse blocks sewn up first.  I have only two blocks to go for our sampler quilt and we can start the process of sewing it all together.

I think it’s important to DO when inspiration strikes and never pass up an opportunity to have another project in the works.  It might make me feel overwhelmed at times, but after it’s all accomplished, I just feel amazed.

Strips and bits already put together.

Roof under construction

Assembly line for bottom front of school house.

Using my Viking Sapphire 835

I’ve recently purchased an amazing sewing machine. I started out with a Brilliance 6180 Singer sewing machine which I still love for a lot of different reasons and if there’s enough interest later on I’ll give a review of it. For now I want to talk about the new sewing machine in my life, the Viking Sapphire 835.

This machine was obviously made for large amounts of work. I have to say that like a lot of other people that I talked to spending over $1000 for a sewing machine was an enormous leap from the $200 I paid for my Singer. I went to several different stores and once I located a Joann’s that I wanted to make the purchase at, I had to have visited it on six different occasions before finally making the purchase.

To say that I had a long learning curve with this machine would be an understatement… I stopped sewing for two days at one point because I couldn’t figure out how to set up the stitch I wanted. The NOISE!!! How can I describe the feeling and joy of being able to hear while sewing? There are too many favorites to say that one function is better than another, but being able to hear is definitely in the top five. What other improvements do I love? I’m sure we’ve all been sewing and then have reached a seam or two that changes the thickness that we’re sewing through… Sewing with the Sapphire you won’t miss a beat, or have your seam move. The machine effortlessly glides over whatever thickness of fabric you happen to be sewing through. That alone has turned out to be worth the cost.


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