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Our daughter put us to shame

So it looks like Autumn is coming to Texas finally!!  I realise that we may yet have a few more days that the heat makes us uncomfortable, but with this forecast it’s a promising sign that we’ve turned the corner and can start pulling out those quilts soon.


Have to love it when the weather cooperates!!

On an entirely different note, I did over the weekend manage to finish binding the schoolhouse quilt and the Land of Whimsy quilt.  Since my daughter was here and will be thru Thursday, we decided to try to complete a mini apiece to hang on the wall as a family project.  This started out really great with all of us picking out the pattern that we were to complete and then… Kay started working on a completely different project (more on that project later), I initially was helping our daughter determine fabrics and layout, and finally I realized that both sewing machines would be in use so I opted to finish the bindings of the other quilts.

In the end, only one mini quilt was near completion and almost ready to be bound…  our daughter’s mini.  We still plan on finishing our minis later on, but will not be doing it as originally thought as  a family project.  I’m okay with that however, as I was able to spend a lot of time with our daughter discussing quilting and watching her abilities grow.

The other thing I was able to accomplish was to finish my niece’s daughter’s quilt.  This is a picture of the backing that I finally decided on and now just need it quilted down.

Move Day 1

Well…  the movers didn’t show up yesterday which would normally be a bad thing, however I ended up working late anyway on a project that was supposed to take one hour (read noon until 1pm).  The movers called and said they were delayed at another site and wouldn’t be able to make it until tomorrow (which would be today) and it actually worked out well since I would be at work until almost 7pm!!

My wife had done all the preliminary work of getting the storage facility to clear out the house and boxed everything up that would be going to the storage facility.  She even with our daughters help, made a trip to storage after loading both cars up.

I stopped off on the way home and brought dinner which we ate and then relaxed.  So, no work was done last night but I’ll be posting pics tonight or tomorrow of the before and after.  Speaking of pictures…  Here is one of the completed quilt top for my Amish Quilt!!  I’m so excited to be quilting this one myself…

Great Book

I originally got this link from and it’s about a book that she suggested and I did end up ordering. If you’re interested in Amish quilts and the history behind them then this book is fantastic.

School House Quilt

Its been a long time in the making but when it’s important, a person makes time.

For the past four months, I have been wanted to make an Amish inspired Schoolhouse quilt that I saw in a book.  I’ve almost been obsessed with making this quilt!  I AM a quilt book junkie, but that is a story for another time.  We were right in the middle of our inspired and unplanned quilt sampler and one of the blocks I made for it was a Schoolhouse block.  The next thing my wife knew, I was pulling out my purple and black fabrics to start cutting out the pieces for my schoolhouse quilt.

At times I have to work very odd hours, it’s not too often but yesterday I was up working at 3:30am.  I work in the IT field and there are a lot of long pauses between when I have to do something.  Yesterday morning was no exception, what was the exception was that I continued to cut pieces for my new quilt in between doing what I needed to.  By the time 7am rolled around, I had finished all of the paper piecing and the cut out all of the purple pieces.

Later on that day I was able to start the sewing (and Ironing) process that would bring order to the mess of strips I had positioned all over the front room…  my wife, still working on our sampler quilt was in the midst of her last two and most difficult blocks.  She was really wonderful about me going off the reservation for the day however and only asked one time if I was going to resume my work on the sampler quilt sometime this week.  I have promised her that I will but want to get the Schoolhouse blocks sewn up first.  I have only two blocks to go for our sampler quilt and we can start the process of sewing it all together.

I think it’s important to DO when inspiration strikes and never pass up an opportunity to have another project in the works.  It might make me feel overwhelmed at times, but after it’s all accomplished, I just feel amazed.

Strips and bits already put together.

Roof under construction

Assembly line for bottom front of school house.

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