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Our daughter put us to shame

So it looks like Autumn is coming to Texas finally!!  I realise that we may yet have a few more days that the heat makes us uncomfortable, but with this forecast it’s a promising sign that we’ve turned the corner and can start pulling out those quilts soon.


Have to love it when the weather cooperates!!

On an entirely different note, I did over the weekend manage to finish binding the schoolhouse quilt and the Land of Whimsy quilt.  Since my daughter was here and will be thru Thursday, we decided to try to complete a mini apiece to hang on the wall as a family project.  This started out really great with all of us picking out the pattern that we were to complete and then… Kay started working on a completely different project (more on that project later), I initially was helping our daughter determine fabrics and layout, and finally I realized that both sewing machines would be in use so I opted to finish the bindings of the other quilts.

In the end, only one mini quilt was near completion and almost ready to be bound…  our daughter’s mini.  We still plan on finishing our minis later on, but will not be doing it as originally thought as  a family project.  I’m okay with that however, as I was able to spend a lot of time with our daughter discussing quilting and watching her abilities grow.

The other thing I was able to accomplish was to finish my niece’s daughter’s quilt.  This is a picture of the backing that I finally decided on and now just need it quilted down.

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4 thoughts on “Our daughter put us to shame

  1. I’m a huge pink/brown fan so I LOVE this! 🙂

    • Thanks!! It was more difficult than I thought coming up with a backing fabric for that quilt. It was a kit, but I ended up adding to it and made it larger so the backing had to be replaced.

  2. Does that mean you do all your binding by hand? Wow! I haven’t tried that yet. I’m afraid hand sewing anything will poke my fingers, but I guess I should learn to use a thimble properly 🙂 Love your colors – is that a pattern, or another quilt top that you are going to use as backing? I’ve always wondered if anyone goes to the trouble to make a two-sided quilt, although yours does look more like a pattern because it’s so flat.

  3. Yes, all of my binding is finished by hand. It started out slow for me, but I’ve become competent enough that I can finish a king size in a day. I can’t use a thimble because it doesn’t provide enough maneuverability for me, so every once in a while I stab myself!

    The fabric is just a backing for a baby quilt that I made. I’ll post the completed pic of it tomorrow to get a better idea of the finished quilt, though I still have to quilt it down.

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