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A Choice, a Store, a Fabric

Leading up to the Holidays my wife and I decided that we wanted to diet.  We have both lost weight before and honestly don’t need too much prompting to get back in shape again.  This time around we both reached what we call maximum density (too many cupcakes) and decided jointly to lose some inches.  A lot of our lives are now revolving around this choice, but it’s actually kind of fun.  We’ve been at it for a month now and are more active and feel better than in a long time.  This choice however, has taken some of our free time away from some of the other things we love to do such as quilting.  Please stay with me and the sporadic schedule of my posts as I try to balance this into my routine.

Speaking of the Holidays, we have plans to buy some more fabric in another couple of months and are faced with a particular dilemma… to buy our fabric by the bolt, or by the yard.  Both choices have advantages and disadvantages.  The bolt prices that we can get are half that of the sale price of regular fabric.  The fabric by the bolt that we have access to has better quality in my opinion than what we would get of the by the yard fabric.  The only upside to buying the fabric by the yard seems to be that we could buy a larger variety for the same amount of money.  I realize there may be some people out there that would say they would like to have a problem like that, but honestly… what would you do?

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9 thoughts on “A Choice, a Store, a Fabric

  1. Well, how would you decide what to buy by the bolt? You would have to really love the fabric, or plan to use it as backing I guess? I think you would still have to buy your little one-offs from time to time, so this is a tough call. I think I would alternate at fabric buying time, assuming it is once or twice a year…buy bolts one time, and buy variety the next. I barely have any fabric, so I envy the outcome either way 🙂

    • That’s my dilemma… I could get a wider variety of fabrics buying it by the yard, but the actual yardage would be considerable less… I like going to fabric stores when they put their fat quarters on-sale for $1 and then buying as many as I can afford. That always helps increase my fabric stash..

  2. I would buy by the yard. I like lots of variety. I like lots of fabric! 🙂 Or buy lots of bolts to have lots of variety!

    Good luck in your weight loss journey. Many of us are travelling with you!

    • Thanks for the ecouragement Candy!! I’m down 12lbs already feel tons better physically. The dieting isn’t the difficult part for me it’s spending my free time at the gym… I want to be putting quilts together instead!

  3. I vote for variety! Any left-overs could be used later for a patchwork project. Fun!

  4. If I had access to somewhere cool like the Moda Warehouse, I would probably have to buy by the bolt lol who needs christmas fabric anyway lol highly over rated! lol The new Kapulaa Batiks in Sea foam, Deep Ocean & Wisteria are to die for and some of the Spa collections would be worth having by the bolt too! I would want to get a group together and be able to buy a bunch of Moda by the bolt and end up with just a couple of yards of each…that would be the best of both worlds lol

  5. Thanks for a VERY wonderful idea Shana!! I like that and feel I know enough quilters that might actually make that work!

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