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Museums and a Quit Show

Yesterday was a very wonderful and very long day.  We planned a trip to a museum and a quilt show in two different cities in the same day.  Crazy right?  I had found out that the Fort Worth Kimbell Museum was displaying paintings from the Clark collection of Impressionist painters and Kay had learned that there was to be a Quilt show from an acquaintance of hers.  We said, hey why not try to do both.

Not knowing that the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth didn’t open until noon, we arrived at 11AM.  The museum was featuring the Clark collection of the Impressionists, something I’d always wanted to see in person.  Rather than wait, we headed over to the Museum of Modern Art just across the street.  Though I do not always appreciate “Modern Art” I wanted to see what they were showing and had an hour to spare.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a new artist displayed that I’d never heard of.  Ged Quinn’s paintings combine landscapes with fragments of history and mythology.  They’re slightly disturbing, but also very seductive in their composition.  After seeing the collection there at the Modern we were starting to get hungry.

The modern museum has a cafe as well and as it was very convenient, we decided to try out the food there.  Kay ordered a Moroccan salad while I tried to destroy a Kobe beef hamburger.  Both were really good, but that may just have been because we were starving!

After that we went back to the Kimbell Museum to view the Clark collection.  It was really impressive and I highly suggest visiting at least once.  The seventy-three paintings in the exhibition include twenty-one by Renoir, along with four by Edgar Degas, two by Edouard Manet, six by Claude Monet, two by Berthe Morisot, seven by Camille Pissarro, and four by Alfred Sisley.

We were a little tired at that point but we wanted to still make it out to the Irving Texas Quilt Guild’s quilt show “Splish Splash”.  I really didn’t know how small or large this show would be and it was already getting on to 4pm.  We were met at the front by smiling faces and warm invitations.  I have been recently looking for another wonderful long-arm quilter to work with that is closer to me and asked the ladies at the front if they knew of any.

I was immediately escorted to three of them that were still at the show.  I then received a personal tour of the show by two of the quilters as they talked about the quilts they had quilted for the show and their love of the craft.  All in all, this was the best show I’d ever had the pleasure of going to.  I may not have won any of the door prizes that they called out, but feel that I had the best door prize ever.

My thanks to the special people from the Irving quilt guild that showed me around their wonderful show and showed real enthusiasm for the works of art they helped create.

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