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The first quits I ever made were flannel quilts.  Probably because the first quilt I ever remember having was one from my Aunt Clara and it was a patchwork flannel.  There wasn’t anything fancy about it, the pattern was blocks arranged haphazardly on the quilt top.  The underside was made from one piece of fabric with warm autumn colors throughout.  I don’t recall now if there was the possibility of batting between the top and bottom, but it already felt heavy enough.

I remember the weight of the quilt anchoring me down on those cold winter nights and in the spring when the rain would come and we’d tunnel into our quilt every time the lightning lit up the night sky.  When it got real bad we’d be called into the front room with our quilts in tow for a cup of hot chocolate to calm our nerves.

When my wife and I were discussing which quilts we were going to be keeping and which ones to send off to family members we realized something…  We currently have a springtime quilt and Kay is finishing a Summer one.  I’ve just completed an Autumn quilt which just leaves a Winter quilt to complete the set.  Much to my wife’s chagrin, I suggested that since I was the one to make it, that I would make our Winter’s quilt out of flannel.  She complains if the weight of our covers isn’t enough and I figured that having a flannel top and bottom with a warm and natural cotton batting in the middle would do the trick.  She was a little put off by this because it would be the only flannel quilt in the set.  I’m also worried that my long-arm quilt person will freak out with the thickness she’ll have to quilt through.

I’d love to hear you opinion on flannel quilts… where do you stand?

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