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Almost but not quite!

If you’ve been following my attempts at quilting then you know that binding the quilts is one of my favorite things to do.  It is the ending, the completion that seems to make the whole process worthwhile.  I am by nature ambitious and set out this weekend to cram finish three quilt bindings in one weekend.  That was the plan…  I even had the hubris to say that I might try to do something else, like put one of the nursery quilts together as well.

Binding a quilt the way that I’ve chosen to bind my quilts is a stately process.  You really can’t hurry it along as I was trying to do and if you did, I don’t know that I would like the finished product at all.  It is a methodical, beautiful, measured, process and if I can be so bold as to quote one of my quilting friends, “neck down work”.

I started with the Christmas quilt since I had finished piecing it back in March, the my green Sage Garden Quilt since I am to surprise a friend with it tonight!!  EEEEK!!  The Arbor Lane quilt, which is by far the larger of the three quilts will have to wait until next weekend.

I didn’t even create the binding yet, let-alone sew it to the quilt.  It’s still on the couch mocking me for my overly ambitious plan.  I did take out one of the nursery quilt kits to see what I will have in store for me this week.  My plan (don’t laugh) is to try to finish it by the end of the week.

On a side note, I never did finish the mini quilt for the swap due to the fact that I sewed the first half at 3/8″ and the second half at 1/4″ seam…  but that’s a different story.  Until next time, happy quilting!!

Quilt swap II

A word on quilt swaps, or maybe more than just one word… I entered into my second quilt swap three weeks ago and as I previously wrote was determined to make a better showing than the first one I entered. What’s a quilt swap?

There are different kinds at different sites and all have their own unique set of rules. I joined one on Flickr called Little Quilt – Sew, Vote, Swap Group at this site.
The basics of this site is to make a mini quilt no smaller than 12” x 12” and no larger than 20” x 20” using your best effort. The quilt must be bound and quilted either by machine or hand before entering the quilt in the swap at a pre-determined date. Once that cutoff date is reached, the moderator posts a voting sheet to each quilter where you set your preferences from 1 thru 20. One being the quilt you want to be sent most, two being your second choice and so on…

Not to get too much further into the rules, depending on how many votes your quilt receives determines which of your choices that you’ll receive. During the first quilt swap I ended up literally swapping with the person. You guessed it, as big as the odds are on something like that, the person that was to receive my quilt was the person whose quilt I received as well.

So bring it back to the current or second quilt swap, mine will be traveling outside of the country, but whose quilt do you think I received… You guessed it, the same person who made the last mini quilt in the first swap. You’d think I’d be upset, although I wish I could have received one from another quilter for variety I was happy to receive a beautiful quilt from a true artist. I did send her a quick note saying that she should just send me her next one as well ahead of the swap…

Here is the beautiful quilt that I received on this second swap!!

As for how well my quilt finished, I learned a very valuable lesson throughout all this. It really doesn’t matter because everyone views art differently and when you create something that you’re proud of… You’ve already won.

Have you had any interesting quilt swap experiences?

Hand Quilting

So after thinking about it for a while I wanted to show the back to show off some of the stitching


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