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Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block 10

Persian Plum Block 10 had so many little pieces of fabric.  It had me thinking how I was going to be able to make a block big enough.

Sewing them together I had to make eight flying geese.  They were so small and cute, but the fabric is so thick it took a little to get the seams ironed down.

Then sewing everything together the block looked so nice, don’t you agree?

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6 thoughts on “Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block 10

  1. Jennie on said:

    ooh….I like this block!!

  2. I’m working on the Persian Plum quilt too – following your blog now because watching you enjoy yours so much motivates me to get back to my sewing machine 🙂 I just finished a large quilt so I was taking a break until now.

    • First, thank you for reading my posts!! It always makes me happy to know that writing about the trials and tribulations can motivate someone. I plan on finishing the Persian Plum monthly blocks this weekend and posting them. You’ll have to send me pics of yours as well…

      • I think this quilt block of the month is beautiful. I have been looking at your finished blocks and they are fantastic. I was not able to find all of the blocks; however, I did find all of the fabric by the yard. I was wondering if you would be willing to e-mail a copy the instructions blocks 1 and blocks 9 to 12, plus the instructions to the setting kit to me or post the sizes for the block in the setting kit as well as a picture of the blocks in the setting kit.

      • karen meyers on said:

        Hello, I bought the Persian Plum setting kit, and it doesn’t have the instructions.
        Can anyone provide me a copy? thank you

  3. Hello Karen Meyers,
    I purchased the entire kit in 2016 but never put it together. I have ALL INSTRUCTIONS. However, I would like to make mine a KING size and cannot find the fabric or any more quilt blocks. Where did you purchase your Persian Plum setting kit.

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