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Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block 9 Block of the Month

Thought I’d start out with this picture…  I saw these outside of a restaurant near the downtown area and couldn’t believe how uplifting a patch of flowers can be.

It’s past time to finish and review Block 9 for Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block of the Month.  I am excited about getting this quilt finished, the fabric is so heavy and will make a fantastic, long-lasting quilt that I’ll really be able to enjoy during those cold winter months.

Block 9 is ALL triangles and as beautiful as any of the rest of the blocks.  This one went together very easily and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

And then the it was finished and I am only three blocks from the end!

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6 thoughts on “Joann Fabric’s Persian Plum Block 9 Block of the Month

  1. Lookin’ good! You have such nice “pointy” points! I hate when my points get cut off.

  2. Thanks Candy!! It’s funny to think of it when I say that I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it.

  3. Monika on said:

    I am missing this kit…no longer in stock at Joanns. Would you be so kind and share the size of the pieces that make up block 9 I did manage to find the appropriate fabrics.

    Thank you in advance.

    Monika from Canada

  4. Monika, I believe we still have this in stock down here in the lower 48… If you email me at I might be able to get it for you.

  5. Hi there I noticed that these post are rather old. Just got the Persian plum setting kit but not sure where to obtain the other 12 blocks? Can you perhaps assist?

  6. Mae Gilmer on said:

    I need the setting kit for.plum passion. If you have one for sale please let me know!

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