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Let the Quilting begin

I couldn’t help myself, I went back to the fabric store to get some patterns and quilting material. The Butterick patterns were on sale for .99 which from what I read is a great price and next week the McCall patterns are on sale for 1.99 and there are a few that I definitely wanted to try.

I should back up a little and say that I intend on starting on one of the Butterick patterns next weekend, something I didn’t mention in my earlier posts is that I also picked up a lot of Muslin to try out the patterns on. When I was asking which supplies that I would need, I already had it in my mind that patterns would be a great idea. I’ve read a lot of review on pn which I used as a guide, I also thought that by buying the Muslin I would be able to practice before I ruin perfectly good cloth. I ended up with the following patterns:

B5259, B5277, B5349, B5431, B5461, B5538, B5746, B6601, and B5307… From Simplicity: 5189, and 2288. Any thoughts on which one to start with? I’m leaning towards the 5307 see & sew.

In another turn of events, our daughter is living in Japan at the moment and is bringing back some material from a fabric store near Misawa. I am uber excited to see what she brings me!!

Any way, back to today’s shopping excursion. I saw a Christmas pattern for a quilt that looked fantastic and ended up buying 11 yards of fabric for a quilt that I’m going to start tomorrow. I think this will get me familiar enough with my sewing machine that I won’t be completely inept when I start on the dress. I plan on using the Muslin and then if the fit looks good to go with my wife to find out what material she wants.

Here’s the fabric I picked up, it’s all flannel because I like the feel of the quilt when finished. I’ll post up the pattern tomorrow that I chose.

Another sale at the fabric store

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