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Sewing and quilting supplies

We started off doing the normal shopping for clothes that was a must have for our black Friday excursion. We were up at 2am and at the stores by 3:30am and to our surprise, there was no one in line at the store… It had been a balmy 80 degrees in the Dallas area until Thanksgiving and I was wrapped up and ready to do 10 hours of shopping.

I have to say at this point I was so excited about the sale at our local fabric store that I was having a difficult time enjoying the sales for the clothes I needed to buy. The fabric store didn’t open until 6am, so we went to all of the other sales beforehand. I was so worried that there wouldn’t be anything left when we arrived though. I knew I needed everything and kept picturing a single spool of white thread being the only thing left!! I knew it was ridiculous of me.

When we arrived the parking lot was full, but much to my surprise, it wasn’t as busy or as barren as I had feared. I bought 18 spools of 500 yards of thread made by coats and clark. I knew I needed a stash of basic colors and it was buy one get one free… I’m trying to convince myself that $32 isn’t a horrific price. I also picked up some spring-loaded scissors that a friends suggested and another pair for good measure, some quilting needles, buttons, tape measure, simplicity patterns that my wife and I wanted to try,

Sewing supplies

and other items pictured…

Let me know if there’s any essential supplies that I missed, please!!! Until next time, have fun with your needle and thread!

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