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Persian Plum gone Wrong

The sabbatical is over and I’m making some changes to my site in the near future.  It is said that the only constant is change and with that I’ve decided to change from my slothful nature and get back to posting what I’ve been up to.

All of the monthly blocks of the Persian Plum block of the month square are completed.  When I opened the setting kit it was with a lot of trepidation.  As I flipped through the fabric I was extremely disappointed that some of the fabric hadn’t been cut properly.  I promised that I wouldn’t go off on a rant about it and proceeded to just make it work.  It was so disheartening that I have taken a lot of time to put this together only to find more work for myself to correct the manufacture’s mistakes.IMG_0787

Because of this and my general nature of needing to have multiple projects going at the same time, I completed what I’m calling my “Chopsticks Quilt” and am still plugging along with the “Oh Canada” quilt that I started the year before.  I found while going through fabric with my wife a mini-quilt that she started but hadn’t bound and asked that I be able to hand quilt it for her.  Yes, another project!!  It brightened my mood and I’m almost a third done with that one now.

Back to the Persian Plum however, she’s been helping me piece the other squares together in return for hand quilting her mini.  We’ve just about completed all of the other squares from the setting kit and should be finished piecing those this evening.  I’ll post up Blocks 11 and 12 over the next couple of days to give an idea of what the collection looks like.

Until next time,

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11 thoughts on “Persian Plum gone Wrong

  1. Maeve M on said:

    I have been waiting for you to post blocks 11 and 12 – just to give me courage to start this project! I found another blog a while back but she never got beyond block 10 either so it has me a bit worried. Any hints on 11 and 12?

  2. Looking beautiful!! I didn’t realize the setting kit had so many full-sized blocks. What manufacturer issues have you encountered? I didn’t have any with my other Quilt Blocks quilts. I need to get back to my persian plum – I am still only 3 blocks in. I think I will hand quilt this one myself.

    I have a treat to post soon – my amazing Grandma finished hand-quilting and binding my Twisted Tulips quilt…it just looks beyond beautiful. She is a true artist, she hand drew many of the quilting patterns she did and spent months hand-quilting them all. She was a little disappointing that the backing had a pattern on it and we can’t see all her quilting designs from the back so I learned a lesson about patterned backings (even though it wasn’t my choice in this case). I just need to take the photos so stay-tuned!

  3. I’m wanting to enlarge to queen size. Got directions today and now I can’t find the 3 yards of fabric I need to add larger borders to enlarge it. Anyone know where I can purchase 3 yards of the same color?

    • I bought a lot extra but to make a bed skirt and other things but I don’t have my blocks put together yet so I can’t get rid of any yet. Maybe later. This is one I want to do this year though.

  4. Maeve,
    Send me an email link and I’ll get you block 11 and 12 if you’re still interested

  5. Kimberly Mulneix on said:

    Love the quilt. Unfortunately after starting the block of the month I didn’t get the last three blocks or backing kit. I have been searching and have fond extra material but need directions for these items. Any ideas? Thanks Kim

  6. I purchased the persian plum quilt blocks 2 years ago, but unfortunately could never find the setting kit. However, I have been able to find similar material and have been able to finish it all but the final outside border. Is there any chance you would have any large multi floral fabric left OR anything that I could use. Thank you in advance

  7. Lois Stoutzenberger on said:

    Where can i get the setting kit to finish the quilt

    • Maeve Mitchell on said:

      I bought two for some reason I no longer remember. I am going to list my second one on Ebay – I just need to take pictures. I have seen others listed there, but not often. The blocks are near impossible to find. If you are looking for backing there is a seller “pillowblock” that has fabric for sale. I just bought some from her to make my missing block 4. Search on Persian Plum cotton fabric. I will post the setting kit tonight.

    • Maeve Mitchell on said:

      Life interrupted and I didn’t get it posted – I am hoping to do so tomorrow night.

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