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Quilts and the iPad

Like almost every quilter I have a phone and a computer.  I read a lot of books as well, though mostly fiction.  Until recently I had a Nook from Barnes & Noble that I used for the bulk of my electronic reading, but a friend of mine was upgrading his iPad 1 to and iPad 3 and made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  If you’ve ever held an iPad, you’ll notice a huge difference in weight between it and an e-reader.

As great as it was, it was just too heavy to use for reading and it languished on a shelf for a while.  One day while flipping through a favorite quilting magazine I noticed on the back an advertisement showing that you could put a subscription of the magazine on the iPad.  Color me intrigued!!  Though for me, the iPad is much too heavy to use for normal reading… the larger screen and size is actually ideal for walking around with quilting patterns and instructions.

You may be saying that a magazine is just as easy, but I’ll make two points about ease of use.  One, the most distracting thing is to have a magazine open while reading cutting instructions and have the pages flip on me while I’m reading it.  This invariably leads to some not so nice verbiage from me.  Secondly, I can carry around 12 issues… or 32 quilt patterns chock full of pictures, measurements, and ideas that can inspire my creativity wherever I am.

Send me a note on what you do to inspire your creativity!

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6 thoughts on “Quilts and the iPad

  1. For inspiration I’m on Pinterest a lot but my favorite is the old fashioned paper magazine! I still get Elle Decor, Martha Stewart, Country Living etc. there is something about flipping through pages that I love, the same goes with novels…

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love, the paper magazines. But while I’m at work an iPad is very handy and I can take the iPad with me anywhere and have all of these available

  2. most of my inspiration come from Pinterest now-a-days 🙂

  3. I would appreciate it if you sent me a link to something on there. I looked around a little, but haven’t really spent a lot of time on it.

  4. I love my ipad! It took me a couple weeks to really “embrace” it, but now I just love it. It’s so handy and there are tons of free stuff to upload or just browse. It fits in my purse, and most every place now has wi-fi. Pinterest is also great! If you search for quilting, quilt, sew, etc. you get tons of inspiration and ideas!! It’s a lot of fun.

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