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Soldiering On

I’m in the middle of sewing some of the Christmas blocks together and I hit a wall.  I turned off my sewing machine and unplugged the iron from its power source.  I don’t understand why for the life of me I could have been so excited about it one day and then wanting to throw it in the bin the next.  Have you ever felt like that?  It is turning out okay, but maybe I feel a little daunted by how much work is going to go into this quilt when it will only be used either for decoration, or just a lap quilt.

Either way, I need to work through this.  I don’t have the designed firmly set in my mind, though the design is down on paper.  It’s all laid out and measured and I know where each piece is supposed to go.  I don’t know if I’m sold on the four-square piece that will be interspersed with it though.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, let me know…

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9 thoughts on “Soldiering On

  1. For me…it’s too early for Christmas. I just can’t get into that yet.

  2. When I get stuck I often have to stew or think about it for a while. Usually I end up putting the fabrics or pieces on my design wall, looking at them, taking a photo then walk away and come back later and see if I like it. If I am unhappy it is usually because the colors or prints or shapes are not quite balanced in the design so something I want to blend into the background is standing out or my feature is not standing out enough.

    I left a quilt on the wall for 6 months once because I wasn’t happy with it (and kept working on another project in the meantime), only to discover that if I flipped one of the fabrics upside down then it balanced out and worked.

    So stick at it, do not stress about it too much and you will get there.

  3. I get through these rough times by digging deep and knowing that tomorrow I will feel differently, so will you.
    You have been nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award!
    I enjoy your blog very much!

  4. I think this probably happens to everyone at one time or another… what has helped me out in the past is to put that project to the side and work on something totally different; a small, fun project that doesn’t take too much thinking or effort. I wait a few days, and usually when I come back to the original project, I feel much better to “tackle” it and usually get it done.

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