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A lot of Spam and a finished quilt

What a busy weekend!  I completed a lot of work for my company… and for my own company.  I knew that would sound a little weird!  What I mean is that I had to “work from home” most of the weekend, but that I also completed a lot of work for BistroQuilts as well.  As the busiest weekend that I’ve yet had, I really didn’t have a chance to post up anything that I accomplished.

The purple quilt that is now completed for my daughter Amanda is simple but very beautiful.  I’ve taken pictures, but they are slightly wonky and don’t show how nice it really is.  I have to send it off to the long arm now, but will have it back and bound by the time her birthday rolls around.  Here are the pics, even though I’m not too happy with the how the pictures turned out.

I also finished two of the persian plum blocks that I’ll be posting up tomorrow and then later this week with the accompanying reviews.  I cut out the fabric for the additional 10 blocks needed to finish the blue pinwheel quilt as well.  Those blue pinwheel blocks I’ll be starting to sew together tonight and should be able to finish that quilt this weekend and start on the Christmas quilt that I’m dying to make.

In other news, Kay is finishing her version of the purple explosion quilt.  I really can’t remember if I’ve mentioned, that is the name we’re using for the purple quilts… Purple Explosion!  When I talked to my daughter and told her what we were doing, I explained that we used almost 20 different variations of the color purple and we both loved it so much, we knew that we needed to make one to be able to keep at home.

When I finally got to my computer to post this up, I was astounded at how much spam had been sent to my site and caught in the spam filter… I guess some people had a little more time on their hands than I did.

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9 thoughts on “A lot of Spam and a finished quilt

  1. I love the color purple, and that quilt looks so beautiful! It’s like I want to eat it and snuggle in it all at once, is that weird? Good for you on having a wonderful talent that can make people happy and that you can connect with your daughter about- that is truly beautiful. This was a great and cheerful thing to read as part of my morning 🙂

  2. very pretty! I love the purple, too!

  3. I love how precise the lines are. Amazing!

  4. Jennie on said:

    beautiful quilt!

  5. My daughter lover purple too. That’s why I picked the Persian plum quilt. Which I just finished piecing by the way. It really is a beautiful quilt, even though mine isn’t perfect. Can’t wait to see your blocks!

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