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Sewing for the first time!!! This is some weird stuff…

The first stitch I’ve made

Okay… I’m not trying to make a big deal of this, but needed to have a record of my learning curve (read steep) on learning how to sew. I’ve done two quilts before, stitched by hand almost 10 years ago and now have set my sights on learning how to sew outfits on a sewing machine. I have to say I’m not a beginning sewer, I’m completely new to it.

I started two weeks ago reading about it in an article online which translated to reading some blogs. They really piqued my interest and before I knew it I was buying a sewing machine. I spent the last two weeks in preparation reading and thinking about what I wanted to do.

Tonight I learned to thread a bobbin and thread the needle on the machine!! At this point I should mention that the sewing machine I bought is a 6180 from singer. I wanted to start out with something that could do a little bit of everything and if my interest holds in a year purchase something else.

I was so excited to find some material lying around to put my first stitches in and then called it a night. I’ll post a picture of it, but for me it might as well have been the greatest thing ever sewn.

Good day and enjoy the needle and thread!!

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