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Vacationing at home

If you’ve read any of my site you’ll know that I work in IT and at times it can be hectic.  I will be taking vacation shortly.  Our son is flying in from the East Coast and our daughter from the West Coast.  It’s a shame we all get so busy during the year, but nice that we’re able to get together at all, with all nine of us living is so many different locations.

We have plans to take the children and show them Dallas and North Texas as we see it.  The Stockyards, Farmer’s Markets, The unique shops, and of course the “Amber Waves of Grain” that will be just getting ready for harvest in a couple of months and have already turned a beautiful shade of Amber.

I know I shouldn’t digress, but seeing the wheat that has ripened to the rich Amber color of a sunset in summer has always taken my breath away.  I will say to anyone, anywhere in the world…  If you ever have the chance to see it in person, take the time to soak in the experience.  To my soul, it is breathtaking…

photo (1)

Getting back on track of vacation planning, there are a lot of tasks that are left undone when you’re working five days a week and at times, 11 hours a day.  One of the things that needs doing is to get my website in better order.  I like to think of it as Spring Cleaning!  Another task left undone is catching up on photo organization.  For some reason, I cannot seem to get them organized on a regular basis and find myself overwhelmed until I take the time to go through them after they’re out of control.

Most of the time will be spent laughing with the five children that will be here and singing at the tops of our lungs in the car on the way to whatever destination we happen to be traveling to.  In the evenings, the whirring of our sewing machines as they beat out the staccato rhythm of creating blocks of fabric into quilts.

It may not have been mentioned in any previous posts, but I love watching (or rather mostly listening) to a favorite or even an unknown television series, or playing music on the stereo while putting together the pieces to a quilt.  It really is quite relaxing even if I’ve watched the same series multiple time.

My wish to all of you this summer is that you get all that you want accomplished, see all the sites that you’ve wanted to visit, and that you get ahead of all your projects.

An interesting vacation choice

This was her year to decide where we went for vacation. We were very fortunate this year that we had so many possibilities, Crete, Ireland, Geneva, maybe even Alaska. These were the destinations in my mind as I waited patiently for my wife to pick the vacation of her dreams. Within a couple weeks she arrived home excited about the destination she had chosen and couldn’t wait to share with me her plans… She had picked where we were to stay, and all the places she wanted to visit.

It would be late January when we left and I was thinking about warm sandy beaches and cocktails with umbrellas and then she revealed the wonderful place we were to spend our hard-earned vacation… Seattle. By the look on my face she immediately knew that I wasn’t thrilled about it and she started to say that we could go somewhere else if I wanted.

I’ll be honest, at first it threw me off. Seattle in winter? But I thought it must be important because she had already planned the whole trip! I reminded her that it was her turn and that I’d be happy wherever we went so long as I could spend it with her. I did ask her why she choose that as our trip instead of a more exotic locale and she told me she wanted to go to Bainbridge Island to a shop called ‘Churchmouse Yarns and Teas’.
You see, she had recently started learning to Knit and was getting quite proficient with all of the different knitting techniques. Every time she looked something up on the web, 7 out of 10 times this shops name would come up.
There were, of course, many other shops she wanted to go to as well and I thought to myself why not? This is what she wants to do and I knew I’d have fun anyway.

It turned out to be the best vacation we have ever had and I’m happy that I went into it with a good attitude.

Have you ever had a trip turn out way better than you expected?

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Chambered Nautilus with gourmet breakfast every morning.


Of course we visited Pike’s Place and Market Street.


On a Ferry going to Bainbridge Island


A quick trip into Vancouver…  Can you say Beautiful?


Got in touch with nature at Deception Point


And here’s the place and reason we went to Seattle in the first place.


Doesn’t she look happy?


We visited a wonderful winery called Chateau Ste. Michelle.  Winery tour and tasting.


We had the best Clam chowder I’ve ever tasted and the best hot chocolate as well down at Market Street.


Blackbirds Cafe on Bainbridge Island, best coffee and sticky buns ever!!


My favorite was the quilt museum in La Conner, Wa



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