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Your Moleskine and You

I couldn’t imagine my life now without my Moleskine as it’s become part of my everyday life capturing my joys, sorrows, doodles, thoughts, pictures, and critical information finder.  One of my favorite sites to visit is where there are ideas and exhibits of the Moleskines that have gone before.

So small it fits neatly into my pocket, backpack, or laptop bag my Moleskine travels everywhere with me detailing my life and coloring my world.  I’ve seen so many uses for this little wonder and yet I know there are so many untapped ideas just waiting to be explored.  I love new ideas and suggestions, so pony up and send me your scans of the many wonderful things that you’ve done with you Moleskine.

Beatin’ down day

This post is for a good person from work…  I felt completely beat down today, management was up my crack for no reason at all.  I went to a person’s office who shall remain nameless, but saw that she had the same look of beat down that I was sporting.  They say that misery loves company and I have to admit when I left the office of this friend I did feel a lot better!  I’ll get to the issue at hand, but first wanted to give a shout out to M who I can’t really call a friend, or an acquaintance, or a coworker since we work in completely different areas and don’t really spend any time talking or socializing normally.  I will say that she is the shit though and this post is for you!

Had a coworker who imho doesn’t think for themselves and was laying off working an issue on me.  I sent a couple of what I considered vanilla e-mails (so okay, maybe my vitriol wasn’t all that veiled) that stated that maybe some troubleshooting would be in order instead of his normal “I don’t know, what am I supposed to do?” and didn’t think about it until the next day.  When I came in the following day I discussed the issue with management (lets call him MNG 1), later in the morning I talked to management again (lets call him MNG2) and instead of the reaction I thought I would get I was told that I should have just helped instead of sending this idiot an email.

Fast forward three hours when MNG1 talks to MNG2 and tells MNG2 that this coworker should try to figure things out for himself instead of bugging me, to which MNG2 got really pissed not at the moron who never likes to work, but at me for talking to MNG1.  Instead of pulling me asside and telling me not to talk to MNG2 about these type of issue, I get insulted and shunned for mentioning my discord in the first place…  when will I ever learn that even managers can act juvenile?

When I arrived at my friend’s office M, it was she who turned my whole day around…  Thanks again M you are the best and gorgeous to boot!

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